Avoiding Capital Spend



Outsourcing manufacturing activity in the chemical and fine chemical sectors already exceeds 5 Billion Euro in western Europe.
You too can avoid seeking Investment capital by outsourcing your production to a custom built company with dedicated buildings and plant, while working to all the standards you get when working in-house.
You avoid the need for investment capital by using ‘Our Granule Factory’ facilities.
You maximize your team’s Return on Capital Employed.
You minimise production costs and
You will be competitive in the marketplace.

'Our Granule Factory' comprises self-contained/dedicated factory units for single users. They are well equipped to meet your product specification, quality and output needs, within your deadlines.

All capital costs are covered by ‘Our Granule Factory’

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Before selecting an outsourced manufacturing plant you really must first visit one of our facilities. They are modern, clean and tidy and managed by professionals who work to the latest health and safety environmental regulations.

When you outsource to 'Our Granule Factory' :-

 Your production areas are exclusive for your work, with no cross-contamination from other production areas.





Your product is 100% safe and secure, with your own entrance, your exclusive process room, warehouse - even your own fork lift truck.


Whilst these basic requirements may appear obvious it is surprising how often outsourcing organizations ignore them in order to cut corners.

Plan of Units


How convenient are our sites for you?

We are based at Crewe in the North of England and Helmond on the borders of Germany and The Netherlands. These locations were selected to be within easy reach by road of your Western European markets.

We have invested £7m (€11m) to provide you with a choice of 16 custom built, individual processing plants for single company use. They can be further tailored to your specific needs.

Holland One Holland Two Holland Three


For further information on Avoiding Head Count click here