Avoiding Head Count


Outsourcing minimises your head count as well as all your employment costs. It’s not just the need to keep employee numbers down that’s important, its everything that goes with it:- availability, skills, supervision, maintenance and motivation. Our customers routinely expect us to have a trained workforce available at just 1 month’s notice.

This is the sort of challenge we relish :-

One customer was already struggling to meet demand for his products, when he had to shut his plant down instantly for health and safety reasons. Within two weeks we had trained our key staff on safety aspects of his product. We then started up immediately with these team leaders supervising shifts 24hrs per day, 7 days per week - a result that far exceeded the customer’s best hopes.

'Our Granule Factory' staff are qualified to the highest standards in this industry. You will find that our operators are continually being trained from NVQII to NVQIII and our team leaders have been trained to NEBSM supervisory management. This commitment to training is continued throughout the two sites amongst all members of staff, consistent with our accreditation to the Investors in People programme.


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For most orders, our ready trained process operators with over 10 years experience can start straight away. Supporting staff (electrician, fitters, logistics, quality assurance, administration and supervision) are all supplied ready trained to keep your plant running, to consistent quality, with a smooth flow through the supply chain.  

We are Investors in People

Each customer’s granulation requirements are carried out in a self-contained, dedicated factory unit, but the staff can work on other assignments when free time is available. This means that your labour costs are then minimised as well as avoiding head count.

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