Starting Up Really Quickly


Whilst you might not be in a hurry, many people are.
We have taken an enquiry, carried out trials, modified equipment and gone into full scale production within 2 months using our Custom plant. Within 4 months from the same enquiry date we gutted another process room and rebuilt it to the customer’s exact specification involving special enhancements.

To achieve this we did all the design work and project management in-house, and completed the craft work in 1400 hours, with our own people doing 95% of the work. Whilst we readily admit that this was quite exceptional, it does serve to demonstrate our ability to respond rapidly to urgent customer requirements. Even better for the customer, by moving from custom processing to the dedicated plant we were able to offer a 26% reduction in price.


'Our Granule Factory's' team have 10 years of experience in rapid response to urgent customer requirements. 'Our Granule Factory' staff are fully trained in the use of all granulation equipment, and in selecting the best equipment for each process.

With no time lost on :-

      Headcount approval

      Capital Expenditure approval
      Factory construction
      Staff training

'Our Granule Factory' can offer quite remarkable speed-to-market.

For further information on ‘WHY WE OFFER SUCH GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY’ click here         


Our craftsmen range from employees with 20 years of service to apprentices, all managed by a graduate mechanical engineer. The plant selection, procurement, layout design and project management are carried out by our own chemical engineers - with valued assistance from the equipment makers.

On average we fit out one new unit, gut and rebuild one unit and modify at least 2 units each year, in our efforts to keep pace with changing demands, as well as, to support our 15% annual growth.

We set ourselves tough targets for the maintenance of equipment. All equipment that runs a chance of failing within 10 years must be repairable in 48 hours. That covers just about everything except U trough shafts - so we keep a spare U trough!


For further information on ‘WHY WE OFFER SUCH GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY’ click here