Good Value


The first granule factory we set up was for a company already producing in the U.S. In addition to all the advantages of outsourcing his European manufacturing, he got the added benefits of flexible, timely and lower-cost production.

It was flexible because it enabled formula and pack changes for different EU countries, timely because the programme could be varied at short notice, and with lower costs due to a shortening of the supply chain.

Since then they have been sold 3 times, but they have not changed us.

Value for Money

    Chriogenic Plant

Another company worked with us for more than 10 years, building up to tonnages of over 3,000 t/yr, before they felt it worthwhile to put in their own plant. With that level of satisfaction it is not surprising that they come back to us time and again with different products to develop.

'Our Granule Factory' is a small company that operates with great flexibility, with all the skills of the multi-national chemical giants but without the overhead costs. The cost savings are achieved and then passed on to 'Our Granule Factory's' customers.

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Some outsourcing companies maintain that they must be delivering best value because their plant is fully written down after 20 years, so they only have marginal costs. This, of course ignores the reality that 20 year old equipment can rarely meet the needs of today’s customers, and operates uneconomically, inflexibly and inefficiently.

At 'Our Granule Factory' our approach is very different. Our skill is in miniaturising the plant layout so that we buy only what is needed. One day a customer proudly showed us his plant. It was higher than the local church steeple, and its floor area would cover 4 tennis courts, but it was too inflexible for the product changes he needed.

The unit they use at 'Our Granule Factory' covers only 300m˛, with low head room, but has the flexibility they need for the many new product introductions that we carry out for them.

When customers need to reduce stock, we just suspend production and divert our people to other units. 'Our Granule Factory' customers only pay for the hours they use.

Another very clear advantage from the use of


For further information on ‘OUR PLANT IS FLEXIBLE’ click here