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Our second granule factory involved a complex process including high shear mixing, drying, sieving, recycling etc. As demand rapidly increased, yield suffered and the plant was soon at the limits of its capacity. We needed to expand the capacity or simplify the processes. The customer had tried compaction but considered it to be too capital intensive. To convince him to think again, we commissioned a manufacturer’s trial, sourced a second hand plant, flew it to England, and produced samples. 

Our Granule Factory Cargo

The customer was delighted to approve the samples, and we went into regular production. A year later we doubled the size of the equipment.

We have a wealth of experience at finding practical solutions to granulation problems and, in partnership, we continually improve processes.


Because we are used to being at the forefront of developing new products and processes, staff are experienced in trialling and testing new equipment. The team have been solving customers’ granulation problems for many years.

'Our Granule Factory' staff are fully trained in the use of all granulation equipment, and in selecting the best equipment for every process.


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In less than 10 years, we have introduced to 'Our Granule Factory' 12 different technologies for producing granules, agglomerates, prills or pellets.  

We are committed to finding the right equipment for your application, whether the challenge for your product is shape, density, porosity or size. By working closely with you, the customer, and the equipment manufacturers, we are able to match your requirements with the most suitable equipment. After small commercial scale trials, we can then construct a full size plant of typically 1,000 - 5,000 t/yr.

The processes are not always at the cutting edge but there is an arrangement which is right for you - we will keep on looking until we find it.

Smaller scale trials will be carried out by the equipment suppliers and on a commercial scale byCustom Powders


For further information on ‘OUR CONSISTENT QUALITY’ click here